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Are you considering Greendale Playschool for your child's first school experience? Learn more about our registration and enrollment process.
Registration Process

Registration occurs at the beginning of each calendar year. In early January, currently enrolled students, siblings, and alumni are given priority registration. In late January, an open house and open registration take place for families new to Greendale Playschool. To be notified for the upcoming registration period, please click here and we will add you to our list.

If you have missed the open registration but would like to enroll your child at Playschool, please send us an email or contact Sarah Witkowiak, Vice Chairperson, at 414-807-0394. 

A non-refundable registration fee of $80 per family is charged at the time of registration. If we are unable to accommodate your child because of a full enrollment, the entire fee will be refunded.


At Greendale Playschool, we turn the tuition you pay for your child's school year into teachers' resources to help your child learn and succeed. We operate solely on income received through tuition and registration fees.


Tuition may be paid in annual, semi-annual, or quarterly payments. All tuition payments must be mailed to the Treasurer. To receive a copy of the tuition vouchers, please contact our Treasurer at gpstreasurer@gmail. Annual tuition for our  2024-2025  school year is as follows:

One day/week Pre-3 program - $900

Two days/week 3K program - $1,850

Three days/week 3K program - $2,160

Three days/week 4K program - $2,160

Because we depend on it, prompt payments are very important. Due dates and payments are listed in the parent handbook and online. Payments must be received according to this schedule unless prior arrangements have been made with the Treasurer. 

The warmth and guidance you've given to our daughter really show in her lessons, art, and personality. Thank you for touching her so positively. Her sister can't wait to be in class.

Greendale Playschool Parent

Enrollment Requirements

Health Forms

The state requires that children enrolled in Greendale Playschool for the first time must have a health examination. The completed forms should be handed in to the child's teacher before school starts. The forms include:

Childcare Enrollment

Health History/Emergency Care Plan

Child Health Report

Day Care Immunization Record

Authorization to Administer Medicine

Age Requirements

Children must be three or four on or before September 1st. Children turning three between September 1st and November 30th are eligible for our Pre-3 program.

Special Needs

Greendale Playschool is an inclusive environment designed to include children with a variety of needs and learning styles. Please contact us with questions regarding your special needs child.

Toilet Training Requirements

Greendale Playschool is not sanctioned by the state to change diapers or pull-ups, so all children must be able to use the bathroom independently.

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