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About Us

Established in 1960, Greendale Playschool is an independent, non-profit preschool. Our primary focus is providing a nurturing first-time school experience, making the transition into education a rewarding one for both children and families.

Our school was started by a group of mothers looking for the best educational experience for their children. It is now governed by a board of elected directors, each one a parent of the students we serve. We are located in the spacious new addition of the Greendale Community Church, though our school is not affiliated with the church.

Greendale Playschool proudly employs all certified educators. Our teachers bring with them years of commitment and experience. Their passion for their work has helped to create a solid foundation of academic success for thousands of southeastern Wisconsin children. 

Thank you so much for all you have done for our son! This was his first school experience, and you made him feel welcome. He's changed so much from his first day to today and amazes us daily with everything he has learned. Thank you for setting such a positive tone for his schooling ahead. He will never forget you!

Greendale Playschool Parent

Upcoming Event:
2024-2025 Registration

Looking for a creative, colorful, and nurturing environment to begin your child's school career? 


Registration for Greendale Playschool's 2024- 2025 school year is opening February 3 from 9 am to 11 am! For more questions, please contact our enrollment coordinator.

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